The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Time to End the Tax “Bait & Switch”

Everyone knows the feeling of frustration at being motivated to come to a store because of low price, only to find that the reality does not meet the promise. Wisconsin communities know that feeling as well. This article from the Fond Du Lac reporter is only the latest example of how a tax was imposed with the promise of a sunset date.

Taxpayers in Wisconsin deserve to be dealt with honestly.

I believe that there needs to be legislation to insure that any such taxes that are presented and promised to be ended at a particular time by law cannot be transferred or extended. If the community leaders want to keep this tax going they should represent to their constituents.

I feel as State Treasurer that I have a fiduciary duty to protect the people of Wisconsin from this all too common practice and will speak to the legislature about enacting such protection.


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