The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Impartial Justice Act

This past primary election for Supreme Court Justice was the first under the Impartial Justice Act – a 2009 state law that provides public funding for candidates running to be a State Supreme Court Justice. 3 of the 4 candidates took the $100,000 in funding from the law; Justice David Prosser and Assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenburg will move to the General Election in April and will now get $300,000 more.

This is nearly $1 Million in taxpayer dollars funding campaigns and I am adamantly opposed to it. Why should taxpayers be forced to give money to a candidate they might oppose?

The law itself actually limits candidates in their spending while continuing to allow 3rd-party groups to spend as much as they want on “issue ads” in support or opposition to candidates. It doesn’t help protect the integrity of the election, but actually hinders the candidates!

The Office of State Treasurer administers the fund that pays candidates your tax dollars to run for the high court. But I will work with the state legislature to repeal this ill-conceived law and to look for better ways to use tax dollars as well as return it to hard-working Wisconsinites.


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