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Starting the Process of Amending the Wisconsin Constitution

Great Seal of the state of Wisconsin

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When I began my campaign for State Treasurer, I promised the voters of Wisconsin that my primary goal was to create greater efficiency in government. That is why I ran on the primary issue of eliminating the offices of State Treasurer and Secretary of State.

Earlier today, I was proud to announce that I have worked with the Legislative Reference Bureau to draft a Joint Resolution to amend the state constitution that calls for the elimination the State Treasurer and Secretary of State’s offices, thus fulfilling my campaign promise to the voters of Wisconsin.  The bill will begin in the State Assembly, where Representative Scott Krug will introduce the amendment on my behalf.

The amendment recommends the following changes to the state constitution:

1. The State Treasurer and Secretary of State’s office will be eliminated at the end of our current terms which last until the first Monday in January 2015.

2. The 3 member Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, which presently consists

of the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, and the Attorney General, would be changed. Under this proposal: the Attorney General remains a member, but with the elimination of the State Treasurer and Secretary of State, the Lieutenant Governor becomes a member; the State Superintendent of Public Instruction would become a member if the both offices are both deleted from the constitution.

Because the proposed amendment will have more than one object or purpose, the elimination of each office must be considered as a separate ballot question meaning the people could elect to eliminate only one of the offices.

3. The Secretary of State is replaced by the Attorney General as 3rd in the line of gubernatorial succession.

I ran for public office because I felt that our public officials were disconnected from and disingenuous with the public. I take the bond of trust between the people of Wisconsin and myself seriously, and I am thrilled that I could fulfill my central campaign promise so early in my term.


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