The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

One Week To File Your Taxes!

You have one week to file your Federal and State taxes – it has been extended from Friday the 15th to April 18th this year. Hopefully, many of you have already filed and gotten returns. But, there are many that might owe and want to wait till the very end to file and give that cash to the government…so here are some helpful reminders about filing Wisconsin taxes.

Homestead Credit

If you meet the income limit, which for 2009 was $24,000 and can change every year, you may be able to take the homestead credit if you owned a home or rented a nursing home room, mobile home, rented room, apartment or house. Your landlord must fill out a rent certificate before you can claim the homestead credit. If you lived with a roommate, you must fill out the bottom section of the rent certificate to show how much you each paid. Homeowners must provide a property tax bill along with the rent certificate. You do not need a qualifying child to claim the credit.

File for free and what to File

The state of Wisconsin allows taxpayers to file their states tax for free. You can file your federal tax online at one of the Internal Revenue Service sponsor companies for free if you meet the requirements and omit the state, which most make you pay a fee to file. After e-filing the federal taxes, go to the Wisconsin e-file website and file your state taxes for free.

Wisconsin has four forms for filing individual income taxes. Form WI-Z is for filers who used the federal 1040EZ and are under the age of 65, have no active military duty, no interest from municipal, state or U.S. bonds, did not receive unemployment benefits, will not claim credits except for married couple credit, working family credit and rent paid. Form 1A is for filers who were Wisconsin residents all year, have no deductions for student loans, medical care insurance or IRA’s and do not claim itemized deductions or subject to penalties for early withdrawals from retirement funds or medical savings accounts. Form 1NPR is for filers who are out of the state for a time or a spouse was out of state for a time. Form 1 is for filers who don’t qualify for other forms and have adjustments or credits that cannot be taken on other forms.

Sources of Taxable Income

• Wages, salaries, commissions

• Rents and royalties from property in Wisconsin

• Gains or losses from sales of property in Wisconsin,

• Profits or losses from businesses, professions, and farming in Wisconsin

• Income from the Wisconsin state lottery

• Gambling winnings from places that reside on Native American land

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