The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

The New Era of Public Outreach and Awareness

My Community Services Specialist, Ron Giordan, has been asked to present on a panel at the upcoming National Association of State Treasurers Management Training Symposium. He will be joined by Brooke Bredel, a PR and Marketing Specialist for the Virginia Treasury, to help train other state treasury employees on new techniques for marketing government agencies. The panel discussion is titled The New Era of Public Outreach and Awareness: In a time when newspapers and other traditional media such as radio and television are in decline, state agencies are turning to a new type of staff position – marketing professional. They are developing innovative approaches to keep unclaimed property programs relevant in reaching constituents. Learn how to promote unclaimed property through social media and other non-traditional outlets to get outstanding results.

Ron was chosen because in the past year and half, he has established an outreach and awareness campaign for Office of the State Treasurer that has maximized our exposure in the new media world – social media, website, blogs, internet videos, internet news gathering, etc. Prior to coming to the State, Ron worked as a television news producer and newsroom manager at TV Stations across the country and is using those skills to take this office into the new era of public advocacy that involves more than just sending news releases to outlets about what we are doing here.

The Office of State Treasurer has 3 Facebook pages; Unclaimed Property, EdVest and my own, Wisconsin S

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tate Treasurer Kurt Schuller. We also have 2 Twitter accounts, @WIStateTreasury and @WITreasSchuller, this blog and a YouTube Channel. Our goal in establishing ourselves in these social media platforms is to allow us to hold conversations with the people we serve: the citizens of Wisconsin. We can be transparent with social media and offer instant help to our constituents while letting them know, instantly, about what’s happening at the office or what’s happening in the world of government in their own state and across the country.

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Ron will be live tweeting from the program Monday May 2, 2011. You can follow it at #NASTsocialmedia starting at 8am central time.

Being asked to present is a credit to the hard-working staff I have here at the Wisconsin State Treasury. They are recognized nationwide for their innovation and work ethic and I am proud to be here with them.

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In tomorrow’s blog, another Treasury employee will be presenting at the symposium. What he’ll be teaching others when it comes to College Savings Plans.


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