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529’s and Financial Aid Sessions at NAST Symposium

Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program Director Jim DiUlio will be part of a panel discussion at the National Association State Treasurers’ Training Symposium in Atlanta on May 4.  The session will discuss current news in financial aid and will be led by Jill Raynor ofNorthGeorgiaCollegeandStateUniversity, with assistance from Jim.

Jim has been a national leader on financial issues during his time with the State Treasurer’s Office as well as prior to serving the State ofWisconsin. Jim served as a registered securities principal with WEA Trust, working with employer retirement plans and employee groups atWisconsin’s 400-plus public schools and colleges.  He is a frequent speaker and panelist on financial issues. As the Director of Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program, which includes EdVest and other plans, he handles administrative duties for the more than $2.7 billion invested by families for higher education expenses.

The financial aid session will be part of the College Savings Plan Network meetings of 529 plan administrators.  Both ofWisconsin’s 529 plans—EdVest and Tomorrow’s Scholar—are participants in the national network.

There are many reasons my staff is asked to present at these symposiums: dedication to serving constituents as well as knowledge and expertise in their fields.

If you want more information about Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program, visit You can also sign up for an account in less than 5 minutes!


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