The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Treasurer Schuller’s statement on yesterday’s JFC vote

“I am disappointed with the vote by the Joint Finance Committee that removes two key units from the Treasurer’s Office and places them at the Department of Administration. This multi-billion dollar transfer that moves the Wisconsin College Savings Program and the Local Government Investment Pool away from my purview takes voters out of the process.”

“I ran for office on a pledge to eliminate the Treasurer’s office via a change to the Wisconsin Constitution. I have offered the joint resolution to do that to the legislature and it is gaining momentum. I have always been confident the resolution would pass, and that voters would choose to eliminate the office via a referendum by 2013. The piecemeal removal of Treasury functions is not what I intended. I have always wanted the voters to decide what would happen with this office. Now, the voters will have no real choice to make when the referendum comes before them because the office has been made into a shell of what it once was.”


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