The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Success on the Road Returning Cash!

From Friday May 13th thru Sunday May 15th, I was on tour with the Unclaimed Property Database. We met with plenty of people who came to search for cash at 5 libraries, the Baraboo Fair on the Square, and the the Riverside Family Fun Fair in La Crosse. We were able to meet with several hundred people and will return to them nearly $15,000 in cash  – money they had at some point forgotten about, misplaced or didn’t even know they had!

You can see some of the media coverage by heading to our YouTube Channel –

One of the people we met had overpaid their mortgage…she told us that some months she double paid in order to take care of the loan quicker. But she moved and got a new mortgage and after closing didn’t realize she had sent an extra check. The company sent the money to her old address but, since she had moved, the check went back to the company. They turned it over to us after a small amount of time and now we will give it to her. This was more than $2,000!

We hear this a lot while on tour:  “No…I don’t need to check for my name…I don’t have any missing money.” When we finally convince them to give us their name and we do find they have money, they can’t believe it! While no one wants to “misplace” cash and assets, it does happen more frequently than one would think…or hope! This is why we take the database on tour and we always remind people to search for their cash online at – it’s a free service and, as we love to say, “It’s Your Money!”


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