The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

The Economy & You Series – #1: Chief Financial Educator

Economics is a part of our everyday lives.  Because the state of the economy plays such a central role in our local, state and national politics, people should be aware of how the economy is doing and what effect government’s policies have on the economy. While the responsibility of making economic policy belongs to national and world leaders, we need to understand how their decisions can affectWisconsin’s economy.

To assist in this effort, I will begin a series of articles that will help to shed some light on various economic concepts and issues, and help bring some clarity to the headlines people read in the news.  I do not claim to be an economics professor, but there is sufficient information available that I can help people become more informed about our economy and how it affects our financial decisions.  It is my hope that people will gain a greater understanding of stories they read and hear in the news by understanding the basic concepts being discussed and question the analysis that is being provided.

It is said that there are four main reasons to study economics:

1) to learn a way of thinking;

2) to understand society;

3) to understand world affairs; and

4) to be an informed citizen.

As these articles continue, I hope that all four reasons can be achieved.


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