The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Wisconsin through the Windshield 6/22/11

I had to leave home in Eden around 6 A.M. yesterday, but the opportunity to return money to people in Southwestern WI was worth the early start.

My first stop was in Platteville, where my assistant and I handled several small claims. Though the region doesn’t receive the attention of Milwaukee or Green Bay, the southwestern corner of Wisconsin is rich in history.  Platteville originated as a mining town, and took advantage of the region’s wealth of lead and zinc. Mining was critically important to Wisconsin’s economy, especially in the early to mid nineteenth century. Our state’s nickname, “Badger State” is derived from the nickname given to the lead miners in Southwestern Wisconsin. 

Our next stop was in another city central to Wisconsin’s early economy – Prairie du Chien. Marquette and Joliet were the first Europeans to visit the site of Wisconsin’s 2nd oldest city (in 1673), and the town wound up playing an important role in the fur trade for the next 2 centuries.

From there, we traveled to Dodgeville, home of the Governor Dodge State Park, where I often spent time camping with my family as a young boy. We found more unclaimed property owners in Dodgeville than in any other town that day, even though it was the smallest municipality we visited. That just goes to show that unclaimed property owners are all over the state, and with more than 1.8 million accounts in our database, it stands to reason that even if you are not an unclaimed property owner, someone you know probably is.

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