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Gold & Silver Sales Shatter eBay Auction Record

In just 5 months, out eBay auction of unclaimed property from safe deposit boxes has surpassed $110,000 and is just $87.06 away from breaking the 2010 total.

As of the May auction, the sales from the auctions hit $110,322.37. The June auction is happening right now and sales for that auction are already at $17,000 and rising. Last year’s total for 12 months was $110,409.43.

The auction, by far, is the most popular form of outreach I perform in the office. There are nearly 4000 people on the mailing list who are informed of the auction a few days before items go up and I am certain people search the database whenever they hear about an auction to look and see if there is any unclaimed property my office is holding.

Each month, I auction items being held in our vault. These items come to the Treasury from abandoned safe deposit boxes from all the banks across the State of Wisconsin. We receive these items after 5 years of inactivity and hold onto them for at least 3 more years. After trying to locate owners, the items are sol; most of the items are coins, jewelry or stamps. The money made is returned to the unclaimed property account in the owner’s name waiting for it to be claimed. The money remains in that person’s name forever and is never placed into the state’s general funds.

You can be a part of this exciting auction each month by heading to our website, and clicking on the “eBay” logo on the home page. There, you can sign up for the mailing list as well as see the items up for auction. You can also click on another link that takes you to our eBay page!

Our June auction taking place right now has some very popular gold coins as well as some jewelry lots. It will end on Friday July 1st. Click here to see what we have this month!


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