The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

The Climate Change Debate

One of the most important points learned last week at the 6th Annual International Climate Change Conference is that there is little or no disagreement between scientists about whether the planet goes through warming and cooling cycles.

Data going back hundreds of years clearly bears that out. The issue that causes the debate between both sides is whether man, through the emission of what are commonly called greenhouse gasses, specifically CO2, is tilting the process towards a dangerous and threatening level.

Aside from my responsibility of 75,000 acres of public land in the State ofWisconsin, I also foresee higher energy prices should current law remain. It is a requirement that 20% of our energy come from renewable energy. I am not against the use of renewable energy, but want to know if there is a cost benefit component to this existing law that makes more economic sense.

Interestingly enough I learned that water vapor, over which man has no control, makes up 70% of total greenhouse gasses. I also learned that there has been no funding to investigate the possible natural causes of global warming such as the increase of solar activity – the solar cycle spans 11 years.

The conference featured presenters on both sides of the climate change issue; both sides offering their views as to what may or may not be causing the patterns we are seeing. I will continue to study this issue and gather information from many sources as I seek to more clearly understand this contentious issue.


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