The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Wisconsin Through the Windshield – Northern Wisconsin State Fair

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I spent last week in Chippewa Falls at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. This was the first fair of the season for us as we expand out outreach to try to hit venues where we can get the most people to search their names in the Unclaimed Property Database.

As with all fairs, this was a “community event” in that friends and families got together for reunions, to see what their neighbors are doing, to check out new products and see what the kids are doing in 4-H to continue the American agriculture tradition.

We met with more than 1,000 people who searched for themselves as well as for relatives in the database. More than 50 people found themselves and began the claim process-an easy process when we can meet them, copy their driver’s license and notarize their documents. A lot of the claims were $50 or less, but we did have a few above $500 and two for more than $1,000.

One gentleman found a family friend in Chippewa Falls who has $50,000 coming to her. But, he didn’t have her current phone number or any way to get a hold of her. I quickly jumped on the internet to try and find her information and, through my Facebook page discovered a friend was friends with the lady’s daughter! My Community Services Specialist as well as Claims Specialist back at the office in Madison was able to find her other daughter’s phone number and we quickly started calling and leaving messages for them to call us or the office to try and get a hold of “mom” so we can get her this sizable chunk of change! We are hoping to hear from them this week!

This is why we go on the road and perform outreach: even with our website where people can search the database 24/7, there’s nothing better than face-to-face contact for us to get people thinking about their own forgotten cash as well as those of relatives, living or deceased.

Next stop – the Outagamie County Fair next Tuesday thru Sunday and after that, 11 days at the Wisconsin State Fair! See you there! – Here’s a story done by WEAU on our visit to the Fair!


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