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July eBay Auction About to Begin!

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31 Lots of coins, jewerly and some interesting items from safe deposit boxes will go up for auction on eBay starting at 12pm Sunday July 24th.

Of interest will be the 8 lots of gold coins – 1 Krugerand, 7 $50 American Eagles. With the price of gold these days and the interest in these kinds of coins, we are sure prices will be high for the items. Remember, all money made on this auction is returned to the unclaimed property fund waiting for the rightful owner or the owner’s heirs to claim it.

I get asked all the time, how can someone forget they have a safe deposit box with valuables inside. Most of the time, the people who own the box pass away and since the rent is no longer paid, the bank deems it abandoned and sends the contents to us (after 5 years).  A lot of people never tell family members or loved ones about a safe deposit box. When they pass, all of the stuff inside comes to our office and we can only hold onto it for a certain amount of time. We don’t have a large vault to hold all the boxes we get from every single bank in the state of Wisconsin every year.

This is an important conversation to have with an elderly loved one; not only about safe deposit boxes but about other assets that could be “lost” after death and then get transferred to our office. Most, if not all, of the assets we receive could actually be taken care of prior to becoming unclaimed property if families would talk about finances prior to a family members death.

A note of interest in this month’s auction: Lot 21J – an old Minolta film camera and a Motorola “Digital Personal Communicator AKA cell phone. We got a kick out of the old cell phone and how big it is compared to what we use today.

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