The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

11 Days of Wisconsin Traditions: The Wisconsin State Fair!

The Wisconsin State Fair kicked off August 4th, 2011 and, as always, the first day tends to be the most packed; excited kids ready for the Midway, old friends bumping into each other as they rush for the Cream Puff Pavilion, 4-H members showing off their hard work and vendors selling their wares.

For us, the State Fair is where we reach the most people face-to-face and try to hook them back up with money they may have forgotten about or didn’t even know they had! Last year we met with more than 16,000 people and returned money to almost 8,000 of them!

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On the first day this year, we averaged 100 people an hour from 9am to 10PM; 100 people per hour stopping and searching for their names or their relatives in our database of 1.8 million properties. We had two extremely happy people come and find $7,000 and $2,500! Imagine coming to the fair and leaving a few thousand dollars richer!

Of course, there’s the food…and by that, I mean the “anything-on-a-stick” you can find at the fair. We’ll be trying to hit all of the places that offer what many consider the best part of the fair.

On day one, we tried the Scotch Egg on a stick. It was fried perfection!

Make sure you stop by our booth at the Expo Center, right across from the Wisconsin Lottery! And be sure to follow our tweets at @wistatetreasury and at #wistatefair!

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