The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Search for Missing Savings Bonds Online

Do you remember your parents talking about US Savings Bonds Grandma and Grandpa got you but no one could ever find? Did you buy Savings Bonds for the kids but maybe left them in a safe deposit box that you may no longer own?

Chances are the Wisconsin State Treasury is holding those missing bonds and we’ve made it easier to search for those bonds and claim them!

We are holding more than $350,000 (face value) in savings bonds – all types of US Bonds: Series E, EE, H and I as well as War Bonds, Patriot Bonds, Postal Savings Bonds. We even have bonds from China and Israel. There are more than 3,000 bonds in our vault waiting to be claimed by the rightful owners. Many of these bonds are well past the mature date, meaning you are missing out on your money!

Advertising poster for World War I Liberty Bonds

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When you head to and click on the magnifying glass on the front page you’ll be taken to our main database page. If you look on the left column, you’ll see another link called “US SAVINGS BONDS”. Click that and begin your search!

The bonds are held by the Wisconsin State Treasury as part of a safe deposit box where the owner did not pay the annual rental fee and the box was drilled open by the bank. The State Unclaimed Property law requires financial institutions to turn the contents of the box over to the State Treasury after 5 years of no contact with the owner. We hold those bonds until the rightful owner or their heirs claim them.

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