The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Nearly $60,000 for the Wisconsin Humane Society!

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I had the pleasure of surprising the Wisconsin Humane Society earlier this week with a BIG check!

A $59,358.85 check!

This will be put to good use at the WI Humane Society

The money was left in a trust by a Milwaukee area resident. Somehow, after the woman passed, the trust fund check got lost and the money came into the Unclaimed Property Unit.

Earlier this summer, my Unclaimed Property Analysts were pouring over large amount properties in our system and came across this money that belonged to the Humane Society. At the same time, we were contacted by Good Morning America searching for a story just like this!

Let me tell you, it’s hard to keep a secret like this one…especially when it involves giving back such a large amount of money to such a deserving organization! And…this wasn’t the only one! But, I also can’t share that secret just yet…stay tuned!

This should be a reminder to you and to organizations, non-profits and even small business and large businesses: check our database at least once a year for your name, your company’s name, your favorite store’s name! We could be holding a large amount of money that we are trying to give back but might be having trouble finding the rightful owners.

It’s easy – – click on the magnifying glass right there on the home page!


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