The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Silver Bars in eBay Auction Driving Price High!

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Despite last week’s downturn in the price of silver, a 100Troy Oz. brick of silver in this month’s eBay Auction has plenty of people excited about owning it.

The brick was found in a safe deposit box turned over to the state in 2006.  It had been abandoned by it’s owners in 2001 and the bank, following the unclaimed property statute, turned it over to us 5 years later. We held onto it for another 5 years and it’s for sale now.

When the auction ends on Saturday October 1st, the money made in that lot will go right back into the unclaimed property account here in the state and sit there waiting to be claimed by the original owner of the silver! The State of Wisconsin CANNOT do anything with that money or ANY of the $390 million we are holding.

Would you like to bid on that silver bar? How about some nice jewelry pieces or Silver Coins? Click here to be taken to our eBay page.

Have you searched for your name among the $390 million we are holding? Click here to do that!














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