The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

$1,000,000 day (almost) at the Office!

We had one of the largest days of payouts in Unclaimed Property history today! Claims Examiners returned $973,773.94 to current and former Wisconsin residents who searched for their names in the Unclaimed Property Database and claimed their cash!

We have seen a lot of people coming to the website and making claims on smaller amounts of money. But, there are days when we see these large amounts come through and my staff works hard to confirm all the information given to us and get that money back to the rightful owners as quickly as possible.

The largest single claim of the day belonged to a Milwaukeeman. That claim totaled $733,982.72. Another claim totaled $86,977.85 and two others were in the $18,000 range. The rest of the claims ranged from $6.90 to $10,564.91.

Also today, I will begin a weekly online event right here on this blog called “The Treasurer’s Top 5”. I will list the names of 5 people or businesses in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties who have the highest amount of unclaimed property. Check back later today when we start with Racine County.

And, don’t forget to visit with Unclaimed Property Staff at the Bayfield Apple Festival starting Friday October 7th thru Sunday October 9th. Check to see if we are holding your money and if you are, file your claim! You can also check 24/7, 365 days a year at


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