The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Treasurer’s Top 5 – Racine County

Today we kick off The Treasurer’s Top 5!

Once a week, we will list the names of the 5 people or businesses in each Wisconsin County that has the most unclaimed property. We will list the city they live in next to their names (or the city they last lived in when the assets were turned over to our office)

Hopefully, they’ll see it and make the claim or if you know them, let them know they can make the claim!


Joan C. Gengozian (Racine)

Douglas W. Ackerley (Racine)

Henry A. Bretschneider (Racine)

John C. Dawson (Racine)

Brown Cab Service, Inc. (Burlington)

Making a claim is easy! Just visit and click on the magnifying glass on the home page.  Fill out the information, follow the instructions and look in the mail for your check!


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