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Hopefully, Victor is Going To Get a Puppy


I just got off the phone with a very sweet 88-year-old gentleman named Victor.  I called him because he had nearly a quarter of a million dollars in unclaimed property we have been holding for a few years.


The first time I called him I got no answer, not even a machine. Given his age,  I had to consider the possibility that he had passed,  so I searched his last name and randomly called those numbers in search of relatives.  As luck would have it,  I found his nephew on the first try.  He told me Victor was still here and still at the address I had for him.  So I called him again and this time Victor picked up.


We had such a pleasant conversation. He told me that he was being called by private companies wanting to connect him up with his money for a 20% fee (that’s nearly 50,000) and he had told them to forget it.  Good for Victor because unclaimed property claimed directly through the State Treasury by the owner requires NO FEE of any kind.

As we talked, he mentioned some of his health difficulties,  as is to be expected for an 88-year-old.  He also told me that what he really wanted was a puppy, but that his sons who cared for him thought it would be too much for him.  Happily,  I suggested to him that with the kind of money he was going to get from The State Treasury his son’s would probably let him get that puppy to keep him company!

His claim forms are in the mail and I am betting Victor is going to get his wish

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