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Show Me The Money! Returning $10,000 to a church in Neenah!

I appeared on ABC’s Good Morning Americatoday returning nearly $10,000 to the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church in Neenah. The money was left to the church by a parishioner in the form of US Savings Bonds.

One of our Unclaimed Property examiners had been cataloging the savings bonds we are holding in the State Vault and came across these bonds which totaled $9,9647.40 made out to Trinity Lutheran. After determining that the owner had passed, we went through the process of getting these funds to the church as quickly as possible because they had no idea we were holding them…and probably never would have.

Parishioner Amy Larson bought the bonds in the mid 80’s and early 90’s made them out for the church and left them in a safe deposit box. After she passed away there was no family to claim the box so it was sent to the Office of the State Treasurer.

This summer, my office began the process of creating a database specifically for savings bonds and that is how we came across the bonds for Trinity Lutheran. We are holding more than $350,000 (face value) in savings bonds.  There are more than 3,000 bonds in our vault waiting to be claimed.

When you head to and click on the magnifying glass on the front page you’ll be taken to our main database page.  If you look on the left column, you’ll see another link called “US SAVINGS BONDS”.  Click that and begin your search for savings bonds!

To watch the story from Good Morning America, visit out YouTube Channel –  Also, here’s two links to the previous story we did with Good Morning America where I returned $60,000 to the Wisconsin Humane Society!

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