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October eBay Auction Final Numbers

The October eBay auction wrapped up October 30th. 30 of the 31 Lots sold and brought in $21,734.92. The only lot that didn’t sell was a comic book saver – where someone could preserve a valuable comic and display it.

Best selling items – gold rings went for more than $3,000. The silver coinage did very well with the Silver Dimes bringing in $2,550 and the Liberty Half Dollars selling for $2,200.

All of the money returns to the Unclaimed Property fund and will be there ready to be claimed by the owners or their heirs.

The monthly 2011 auctions have brought in close to $200,000 this year. Last year, we brought in $110,409.43, so we have surpassed that record by quite a bit. We actually surpassed it in June.

The November auction will begin just in time for Black Friday and will, hopefully, feature some very nice jewelry pieces. That will depend on what we find in the Safe Deposit boxes we are about to go through starting this week.


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