The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

More than $20 Million in Unclaimed Property Reported This Year

It’s Holder Reporting Season for the Office of the State Treasurer. We have received $20,642,148 in unclaimed property in 2011. But we are still inputting more reports sent to us by businesses. There’s 13 more boxes in the vault and my staff is working quickly to get the information into our database.

This information will be available in 2012 and will appear in newspapers starting in April. These are the lists of names you see every year in your local paper!

We created a video recently to help “Holders” report properly with our office. You can watch it via our YouTube Channel if interested.  Most Holders have said it helped. It can be confusing to report properly and when there’s a deadline involved, it can get even more hectic.

Holder Reporting Coordinator Shannon Churchill and Financial Specialist Wesley Stefonek are inputting all the Unclaimed Property Information into the database...they have a few more boxes to go through!

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