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Just a Few Days Left to get a 2011 Break on Your Wisconsin Taxes

If you are thinking about opening an EdVest or Tomorrow’s Scholar account to begin saving for college for yourself or for your child, you have until December 31st to do it and get a tax break on your 2011 taxes. If you have an account and haven’t contributed to it yet this year, do it now!

Everything can be done by mail, phone, or online.  If doing it by mail, to qualify for 2011 state resident tax returns, checks to existing accounts must be postmarked by December 31.  A note with name of the beneficiary should be included, with ‘2011 contribution’ written on the check’s memo line.

You can get a break of up to $3,000 contributed for each account you have!

You can find a lot of great information on saving for college at If you want to talk to an adviser,  call 1-888-338-3789.

For those wanting in-person service, the Wells Fargo Funds office in Menomonee Falls is open weekdays, 8am-5pm – a map showing the exact location can be found on the EdVest website.


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