The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

$4 Million Plus Month for January 2012

My staff returned $4,003,873 in unclaimed property for the month of January. This is the second highest month of returns in Office history.

We have been promoting the unclaimed property unit extensively and redesigned our website making it easier to make claims and see what the office is doing daily. There have been mornings where more than 700 claims have come into the office and examiners worked fast to turn them around and return that money.

In the 13 of 20 days this month that claims examiners worked, they returned anywhere between $100,000 and $472,000. The highest return day was January 10 where the office returned $472,273.

 The increase may be attributed to a radio ad heard statewide urging people to search for unclaimed property. You can hear that radio ad by visiting our website and clicking play on the new YouTube Feature right on the center of the homepage!

In 2011, claims examiners returned a record $33,641,807 in missing money and assets to more than 26,000 people and businesses. The highest monthly return occurred November 2010 when claims specialists gave back $5,185,680.

When you visit, you can track the daily return rate right there on the homepage. We update “The Money Tracker” Monday thru Friday after 2PM. While visiting the revamped Treasury website, you can also see the names of the Top 20 people by county with unclaimed property held by this office.



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