The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Wisconsin Veterans to Receive More Than $76,000 in Unclaimed Assets


Veteran (Photo credit: Keturah Stickann)

I had the honor of joining Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs John Scocos and more than 30 veterans today as we spread the love this Valentine’s Day to Wisconsin’s heroes. We are returning $76,418.20 to 293 veterans. We held an event in Onieda at the VFW there. veterans from the green Bay Area took part.

In December, my office and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) collaborated to find and notify more than 3,000 veterans throughout the state that they have money in the state’s Unclaimed Property account.  Veterans who returned claims forms the past 2 months will be receiving checks in the mail in the coming days. Checks being distributed range from $5 to nearly $4,000.

“Taking care of our veterans is a top priority.  This collaboration is just one more small way we can help those who have served and sacrificed for our country,” Secretary Scocos said.

Claims forms were mailed to veterans who were identified by merging WDVA records with Treasury records. The data showed that veterans had $696,237.52 sitting in the Unclaimed Property Fund.  Nearly 2,800 forms have not yet been returned.  As additional forms are returned, veterans will continue to receive their checks.

You could have money missing and not even know it.  Statewide, we have $400 million in the unclaimed property account, some of which could be owed to you.”

In 2011, the Office of the State Treasurer returned a record amount of money, nearly $34 million, to Wisconsinites.  Veterans and others can check to see if they have unclaimed property on the State Treasurer’s website:


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