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Searching for Owners of Abandoned Wisconsin Retirement Funds

The State of Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds is looking for owners of abandoned Wisconsin Retirement System accounts.

Unlike unclaimed property accounts that we hold in perpetuity, the owners (or their heirs) of WRS accounts have ten years to apply for the benefits. The benefits return to WRS if never claimed.

To see the names on the list, please click this link. If you know anyone on it, send them to that website and have them apply for their benefits. To apply for the benefits, write to ETF. They do not accept phone calls for these inquiries.

Inquiries should include the member’s complete name (published name and current name), date of birth and Social Security number. ETF will provide a benefit application to the rightful claimant. Write to ETF, P.O. Box 7931, Madison, Wis., 53707-7931.

in 2011, ETF staff successfully located the owners of 178 abandoned accounts. The combined value of all the accounts: nearly $2.2 million!


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