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Hitting a Grand Slam with the Milwaukee Brewers!

Miller Park is the home stadium of Major Leagu...

Miller Park is the home stadium of Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

State Treasurer Kurt Schuller and staff from the Unclaimed Property Unit will be at Miller Park Thursday June 7th as the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Chicago Cubs on the last day of a three-game series. Anyone who stops by the Unclaimed Property Booth will be able to search Unclaimed Property Database to see if the State Treasury is holding his or her lost money.

State Treasurer at Miller Park

Loge Level, Next to Press Box

Thursday June 7th, 2012

Treasurer Schuller will be available for interviews. At the last Brewers event in 2010, we returned more than $2,000 to people who had just come to see a baseball game…including a Milwaukee television reporter!

There is more than $400 million dollars in unclaimed assets held by the State Treasury. This money comes from forgotten paychecks, insurance premium overpayments, utility deposits, forgotten bank accounts, forgotten stocks, abandoned safe deposit boxes and many other forms of assets that have been lost, forgotten about or that people did not even know they had! There are more than 2 million “properties” held by the Office of State Treasurer. Many people have more than one claim they can make!

In 5 months this year, the Wisconsin State Treasury has returned more than $18 million dollars to people who have made claims. This puts the office on another record setting pace. Last year, The State Treasury returned $34 million dollars, which was a record. If our pace continues, we will surpass $36 million returned by the end of 2012.

Anyone who comes to the game tomorrow can search for his or her own names, their relatives’ names or even their neighbors. As always, you can search the database 24/7 by heading to our website, or by calling 855-375-CASH(2274).


$5.2 Million for Roads, Fire Trucks and Defibrillators

English: A farm in Fond du Lac County, Wiscons...


The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) today approved State Trust Fund Loans totaling slightly more than $5.2 million to fund public purpose projects in eleven Wisconsin communities.  Loans approved include:


  • Town of Cadiz – Green County / Purchase tractor with loader / $75,000
  • Town of Calumet – Fond du Lac County / Finance road construction / $375,000
  • Town of Calumet – Fond du Lac County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2011149.01 / $157,319.09
  • Town of Calumet – Fond du Lac County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2011149.02 / $135,206.81
  • Town of Calumet – Fond du Lac County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2010197.01 / $306,101.07
  • School District of Coleman – Marinette and Oconto Counties / Finance school renovation projects / $1756,000
  • Village of Combines Locks – Outagamie County / Finance street construction / $1,026,056
  • Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah School District – Sheboygan County / Finance re-roofing of district buildings / $675,000
  • Village of Lake Hallie – Chippewa County / Purchase defibrillators / $150,000
  • Laona School District – Forest County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2009135.01 / $456,639
  • Laona School District – Forest County / Refinance other outstanding debt / $600,000
  • Little Green Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District – Green Lake County / Finance sewer facility operations and maintenance / $50,000
  • Little Green Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District – Green Lake County / Purchase weed harvester / $179,394
  • Little Green Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District – Green Lake County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2011158.01 / $149,805
  • Town of Neenah – Winnebago County / Purchase fire truck / $260,000
  • Town of Superior – Douglas County / Purchase tractor/mower / $99,500
  • Town of Woodruff – Oneida County / Purchase fire truck / $176,202
  • Town of Woodruff – Oneida County / Refinance BCPL Loan #2010105.01 / $174,684.26


In the last 12 months, including actions approved today, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands has approved 151 loan applications totaling slightly more than $63.4 million.  The loans can be made to municipalities and school districts for any public purpose.


Created in 1848 by the Wisconsin Constitution, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands was established to accept federal land grants and to manage Trust Funds for the benefit of public education in Wisconsin.  The Board consists of Secretary of State Doug La Follette, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and State Treasurer Kurt Schuller.  The majority of Trust Fund assets are held in the Common School Fund, from which the majority of State Trust Fund loans are issued.  Earnings from this fund are distributed to K-12 public school libraries annually. A total of $32.5 million was distributed to public school libraries in 2012.  A complete list of library aid amounts for each school district can be found here:  (


A complete list of Wisconsin municipal and school projects funded by today’s Board action can be found here: (


A list of loans approved in the last twelve months can be found here: (


The agency’s 2009-2011 biennial report can be found here: (




Trivia Time!

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It’s Trivia Time! You have until 7PM tonight (6/6/12) to answer. Winner gets a cool prize from the State Treasury!

When claiming property for a deceased family member, one person can claim for all heirs.
a) True
b) False

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The Economy & You #36: Specialization and Comparative Advantage

In a previous article, I wrote about the concepts of scarcity and choice (CFE #33). The article stated that whether an economy is simple or complex, decisions must be made as to what is produced and how much. The concepts of specialization and comparative advantage can be a part of the decision making process.

The idea that a person and society as a whole benefits from specializing in what they do best has a long history and is an important tenet of economics.  The British economist David Ricardo theorized that specialization and free trade will benefit all trading parties. This theory of comparative advantage states that even those parties that have an absolute advantage in the production of goods and services can benefit from trade. 

PRODUCTION (by task)