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Missing Money: Some May Be Yours!

Missing Money: Some May Be Yours!.

A blog we found reminding everyone about Unclaimed Property and how to go about searching for it!


Treasurer’s Top 5: Monroe County

Monroe County Courthouse

This week, we travel to Monroe County and look for the Top 5 people and businesses there with unclaimed assets. Do you see anyone on this list you know? Have them go to and search their name there to make a claim or have them call 855-375-CASH (2274)

Monroe County

Richard Johnson

PIC Investment Club

Beatrice Holland

John, Eric, Kevin and Thomas Slayton

Cencom Inc

4 Ways To Lower Your Family’s Back To School Budget

4 Ways To Lower Your Family’s Back To School Budget.

FAQ: How Does Property Become Unclaimed?


Property becomes unclaimed or abandoned when there has been no owner activity in relation to the account for a period of 5 years and when the owner has not been able to be contacted by the holder of that asset. A holder may include a bank, savings institution, credit union, insurance company, business or utility company.

This week, Wisconsin State Treasurer and staff will be at the Washington County Fair in West Bend to help fairgoers search and locate unclaimed property.

 There is more than $400 million dollars in unclaimed assets held by the State Treasury. This money comes from forgotten paychecks, insurance premium overpayments, utility deposits, forgotten bank accounts, forgotten stocks, abandoned safe deposit boxes and many other forms of assets that have been lost, forgotten about or that people did not even know they had! There are more than 2 million “properties” held by the Office of State Treasurer.

FAQ: What happens to my 529 plan if I die or become incapacitated?

Your 529 account will not terminate; it will simply continue under a new account owner. When you establish a 529 account , the application will invite you to name a successor owner. We recommend that you make this designation, as it will allow ownership of the account to be transferred easily and automatically to your named successor. If you do not designate a successor, the new account owner may have to be decided through probate. Some 529 plans have rules of succession to determine the successor owner in the event you have not named someone.

You should realize that a successor owner assumes all the rights of the original owner, including the right to request a refund. You must have confidence that the person you name as successor will fulfill your desires for the use of the 529 account. If you have any concerns about this, speak with your attorney about the possibility of naming a trust as successor.


The Economy & You #43 – Milwaukee: The City with the Most Corporate Clout

In the past, cities and the economic strength were judged on the number of business headquarters that were located within their city limits. I read an interesting blurb at The Atlantic Cities blog.  A map was constructed that shows the geography of U.S. corporate headquarters that ranked cities by the number of Fortune 500 headquarters per city.

As expected, New York led the list with 18 corporate headquarters, followed by Houston, Minneapolis and Atlanta. But an interesting thing happens when the size of the city or metropolitan area is factored in.



Treasurer’s Top 5: Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Courthouse

Milwaukee County Courthouse (Photo credit: reallyboring)

Milwaukee County residents…there are thousands who have money we are holding and they don’t know it! Here’ are the top 5 people or businesses with unclaimed property. Let them know they can fill out a claim form at or can call 855-375-CASH (2274)

Milwaukee County

Kathleenes Herman

Marine National Exchange

RXCEL Prescription Service

Seitz Manufacturing Co.

Joseph M Bernstein