The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

FAQ: Why does each heir have to individually claim their share and can several heirs use one claim form that’s been photocopied?

Each heir must file a separate claim because The State of Wisconsin is obligated by law to distribute funds based on the intentions of the will or according to heirship. That means that we can’t pay one heir the whole amount and let them distribute the property among the other heirs.

However what you can do is submit supplemental forms (Transfer by Affidavit or a Release by Heir) and that will allow one heir to claim the entire amount and distribute the funds to the other heirs.

NOTE: This person, who accepts all of the funds, may be responsible for any income tax liability that may accrue on these funds.

Can several heirs use one claim form that’s been photocopied?

NO. Each individual heir needs their own Claim Form with a unique claim number.

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