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FAQ: How Much Will College Tuition Cost My Child?

The short answer is $170,000 is how much a child born today will pay for college at a public institution according to

Since most experts project tuition increasing at an average rate of 6% per year, you may want to start early and begin designing a plan that will help cover your student’s education costs. Our College Planning Tools can walk both parents and students through the steps of developing a successful plan for their college investments.

Planning for College Calculator
Use this worksheet to determine how much you’ll need to invest for your student’s education.

Dollar Cost Averaging
Many individuals try to time their investments in order to buy at a lower share price or to avoid a market correction; however, it is difficult to gauge when the right time will be. Discover how dollar cost averaging can benefit you in times of market volatility.

Power of Compounding Calculator
The Power of Compounding Calculator is a great tool for investors who want to know what their investment today could be worth in the future. It may also help investors determine their level of regular investment. Use our calculator to see how it can help you plan.

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