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Money Matters: 4 Steps to Budgeting for the Holidays NOW, STEP 4!

There are 4 weeks until Christmas and  still plenty of shopping to be done for that perfect gift to Aunt Zelda,  the postal carrier, and the nice man down the street.  Ho, Ho, HOLD on a minute!  In the last part of our series, “Money Matters: 4 Steps to Budgeting for the Holidays,” our Friends at show us how to calculate the most joyful holiday budget.

4. Crunch Your Numbers With Our Holiday Budget Calculator

Every person’s situation is unique, which is why we’ve developed a calculator to help you get a rough sense of an appropriate holiday gift budget for what you have to spend this year. We’ve based it on how many people you have to give to, how comfortable you are right now with your finances and what your current income looks like.

It’s always helpful to have a rule of thumb. That said, this calculator makes assumptions about your life, and you know best. So, get crunching … and watch the real magic of the holidays happen.

Of course, you can always throw a little more cash into those numbes for searching our database for your name at


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