The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Where’s my TAX REFUND Check? And Where It’s Not!

State Seal Treasurer's OfficeOne of our claims representatives brought to Deputy Scott Feldt’s attention, she is receiving a flood of calls on Wisconsin’s Office of the State Treasurer, Unclaimed Property line regarding TAX REFUNDS.

The bad news, Uncle Sam doesn’t live or work in our office.  The good news, our dutiful Treasurer, Deputy, and Unclaimed Property staff do! They continue to work to return unclaimed funds to you.  We are ready and willing to assist you with processing unclaimed property listed in our database click here or receiving it from our holders (registered business in Wisconsin).

The following contacts are where you can find people able to help you with your TAX RETURN questions!

To check your return status by telephone:

(608) 266-8100 in Madison

(414) 227-4907 in Milwaukee,

or toll free (866) WIS-RFND (947-7363) in other areas

 For other questions 608-266-2772 Individuals and 608-266-2776 for Business

 Collections area Delinquent Tax Assistance   Phone: (608) 266-7879


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