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Money Matters: Health Care Plans and Importance of Staying Healthy

Health Care

Health care and prescription coverage can represent a big financial burden. In the midst of financial hardship, it’s typically the first portion of a family budget to get slashed.  If serious illness occurs, that could drive anyone to financial catastrophe.  The past two weeks, we shared with you how to choose the best healtcare plan and dove into different types of Managed Health Care plans through our friends at  This week, we stress the importance of staying healthy as part of your healthcare plan.

Staying Healthy
In addition to making life more enjoyable, living a healthy lifestyle is key to keeping healthcare costs down. People who live a healthy lifestyle tend to be more productive and better at handling stress, making them more valuable employees. Being fit can even save you on health insurance – many companies factor in height and weight when determining rates for consumers. Making healthy choices, like quitting smoking, can also help to keep your health care and medical insurance costs done. For tips on living healthfully on a budget, click here.


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