The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Treasury Fun Fact of the Day: Treasurer Schuller is the ????th Treasurer?


Schuller Inaguration croppedKurt Schuller is the 34th State Treasurer for Wisconsin. He was sworn in January 2011. Schuller campaigned on eliminating the office and serving only one term. He has said in his original testimony to the legislature, “If you’re not going to eliminate it, then empower it.” Schuller feels two failed attempts to eliminate the office during his tenure are enough and any further effort by legislative offices funded by general tax dollars is a waste of taxpayer money. Interestingly, the Office of the State Treasurer is funded by REVENUE dollars generated by its programs. It does not pull from the general fund citizens pay into by way of taxes. Quite the contrary, it annually contributes to that fund, pays for itself and contributes tens of millions to the “Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.”  BCPL  provides local governments low interest loans for improvements and refinancing debt.  The interest earned on those loans is paid out annually to the Department of Public Instruction to fund public school libraries.   Schuller’s tenure expires the end of 2014.


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