The happenings "inside" the Wisconsin State Treasury and across the street at the State Capitol

Wisconsin Saves Fun Tip: Getting You GAS, Week 2 GAS BUDDY!

OST Design large sealThe Wisconsin Office of the State Treasurer proudly teams up with WWBIC (Wisconsin’s WomensWWBIC Business Initiative Corporation) for “Wisconsin Saves Fun Tip.”

The entire month of September, we are committed to GETTING YOU GAS FOR LESS!  This week, it’s all about new technology that helps you save. 

  • Technology is making life easier and also helping you to save at the pump.  There is a website that helps you save money when you fill up.  Gas Buddy uses your location and provides local gas prices based on either lowest price or location for convenience.  Never drive 20 minutes to save a few cents, but if there’s a price just down the street from your normal fill up location, take advantage of the savings.  After all, many of us would complain if gas prices increased by a few cents, so why not use technology to save the same amount!






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