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Why the Budget Repair Bill Must Pass As Is

Amid the high passions and frayed emotions surrounding Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill, there are two critical reasons why this bill must become law.

First, contrary to what they have been saying, not all unions have agreed to pension and health care concessions. At the local level, many unions and municipalities have been scrambling to approve their contracts before passage of the budget repair bill, and these contracts do not reflect the concessions that the union leaders claim to be offering.

Keep in mind that this bill does not prevent municipalities or school boards from raising benefits or handing out raises, should they decide to do so. What it will do is lessen the burden on our state government, while providing local governments with the flexibility necessary to address their own financial interests.

Second, and most importantly, we set a dangerous precedent if we allow the 14 Democratic State Senators to continue to use their current tactics. What kind of democracy do we have if a minority is able to overturn the results of our elections simply by hopping into their cars and driving south?

I urge everyone to put their differences aside and help move our state forward by supporting this repair bill. Wisconsin’s fiscal health is at risk, and with it, the quality of life of current and future generations. We cannot let partisan bickering prevent us from doing what is best for Wisconsin in these difficult times. Failure is not an option.