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Common Sense Needed at Fond du Lac School

After hearing about what was happening at a Fond du Lac elementary school and reading this article in the Fond du Lac Reporter, I offer an alternative to administrators from the school.

Here’s the statement I released to the media today:

“As a resident of Fond du Lac County, I am calling on the administrators at Waters Elementary to end their misguided attempts to curb bad behavior in a few children. Making all children walk in a circle around the playground for 10 minutes prior to school and during recess sends the wrong message to the children, their parents and the community. All children should not be punished for the acts of a few. As State Treasurer, I help provide funding to all public school libraries in the state through the Common School Fund. If discipline is the issue, I offer an alternative – force the misbehavers to walk to the library and have them read a book for ten minutes.”